Access to FordConnect API

To start building your application, please be sure to request access to the FordConnect API through the below form. Please note that access to the FordConnect API can only be requested and used for the purpose of completing your project for this hackathon. Access will be removed after the winner announcement.

Request Access

Only one request is needed per team, and once you receive credentials, your team will have 2 options: 

  • Execute commands on a vehicle testing harness to simulate vehicle responses, or 
  • If you own a Ford or Lincoln vehicle with an embedded modem (in general vehicles after 2017, depending on the model), authorize your vehicle to use the API. 

A few business days after you request access with the above form, you will get an email from that includes the following resources to help you link to your API. Links to the following documents will be provided in the email.

  • FordConnect Linking Guide – details to link either to the test harness or your vehicle to enable calls to the API  
  • API FAQ – details about API responses and general info about accessing and using the API 
  • Ford Connect Postman collection – to interact with the API 
  • Ford Dev 3 Postman environment – environment variable to configure your Postman